"Overall, I do feel so much more motivated and confident now, knowing what to do...I am so much more organized. the skills that you taught me on how to organize your thoughts on writing a paper was so helpful, I find that I am not only using them for just writing a paper but for overall school work."
-- Kristin McGreenery

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Sydney Sauber, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Sydney SauberSydney Sauber has been working in the field of education for 18 years. Several years of service in public, charter, and private schools as a teacher, administrator, and professional development trainer in urban communities have taught her profound lessons about innovative instruction, and the power of positive rapport and motivation.

Through her company, The National Organization for Student Learning, Independence, and Pride: Educational Solutions (NO SLIP: Educational Solutions, LLC), she facilitates “Successful Learning Solutions” with individual clients (child-adult), parents, schools, human services providers, and corporations.

Her expertise is in providing effective support for people wishing to transcend issues related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and / or learning differences such as: dyslexia, disorders of mathematical or written expression, non-verbal learning disorders, and auditory or visual processing problems. In her work with individual clients and organizations, her training focuses on how to strategically utilize individual strengths (interests, learning style, rapport…) to compensate for weaknesses, thus cultivating successful experiences in previously daunting tasks. Often this approach has been successful in enabling children who have done poorly in special education programs to achieve greater academic success in a regular education setting.

For organizations, NO SLIP Educational Solutions, LLC offers workshops, lectures, on-site assessment and solution-based programs.

Sydney is currently writing a book about instructional reform. She holds a B.A. in elementary education, a M. Ed. in Urban Education, and an Ed. S. in Supervision and Administration for Special Populations from Gallaudet University, conferred with honors. She has a history of ADHD, and verbal and non-verbal learning differences.

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